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Happy pregnancy – “One in the World” Program

Medical and diagnostic care «Happy pregnancy. One in the World»


To be sure that your baby will be born healthy. The program includes examinations by the world’s leading experts in Israel (who teach American and German experts and professors) and monitoring till the delivery for free.

Program is built for monitoring and management of pregnancy. Attendance will be carried out by Israeli experts of world-class in management of pregnancy. Monitoring is carried out on-line in the form of a conversation by Skype, correspondences and chat.

Program includes:

1. Examination of mother by therapist
2. ECG, blood pressure measurement
3. Genetic screening of mother –special for women from previous USSR (We are unique clinic in the world rendering such service)
4. Preparation of genetic profile of the mother of child
5. Preparation of admission conclusion
6. Screening of the pregnant in Israel with accurate tests of the fetus on 12-14 weeks or 20-24 weeks
7. Hormonal examination of the pregnant “Premium”
8. Laboratory tests of the pregnant
9. Final consultation with the doctor, recommendations at the end of pregnancy
10. Preparation of final medical opinion

• (1) Laboratory analysis at the place of residence of the pregnant as required. Not less than once per month and at the beginning and end of the attendance.
• (2) Consultation with doctor at the needs of the pregnant. Not less than once every three days.

The program includes:

• Accommodation in Israel for five days
• Program “Basic” with attendance until the end of delivery – free
• “My Account” until the end of delivery – free
• Travel to the Dead Sea or Jerusalem – free

Total cost of program: 4550 $