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Urology specialists in Israel are engaged in treatment and diagnosis of diseases of the genitourinary system of men, and urinary tract of women. Namely these professionals help in dealing with such sensitive issues as urinary incontinence, pathological condition of the penis, erectile dysfunction. Experts in the field are working with the most modern diagnostic methods allowing detecting changes at a very early stage. Drug treatment is carried out at its effectiveness in the use of modern and safe products. However, radical surgery allowing once and for all solve many problems is the most popular method among “medical tourists”. Here Israeli Urology is developing towards the use of advanced minimally invasive endoscopic techniques that have proven itself as the most effective and safe method of treatment.

Urology specialists of Heart4u Clinic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases:

  • urological diagnosis (here)
  • dysuric disorders treatment; 
  • diagnosis of changes in composition and amount of urine;
  • diagnosis of abnormal discharge from the urethra, as well as sperm changes;
  • correction of chordee;
  • treatment of phimosis, paraphimosis;
  • correction of hypospadias;
  • varicocele treatment;
  • treatment of cryptorchidism and anorchia;
  • performanve of cystoscopy, catheterization of ureter, ureteroscopy;
  • cystochromoscopy conduct;
  • conducting radiography, excretory urography, retrograde ureteropyelography, cystography, retrograde urethrography, X-ray examination of renal vessels, X-ray computed tomography, renoradiography, ultrasonography;
  • conducting fine-needle biopsy of the tumor;
  • performance of puncture sclerotherapy of renal cysts;
  • percutaneous drainage of abscesses;
  • percutaneous nephrostomy;
  • treatment of urolithiasis using drug therapy, shock wave lithotripsy, surgery using endoscopic techniques, percutaneous nephropexy;
  • treatment of prostatic adenoma  by means of drugs and transurethral resection;
  • diagnosis of prostate cancer;
  • surgical treatment of traumatic injury of the kidneys and urinary tract;
  • surgical correction of urinary incontinence in women using modern methods;
  • surgical treatment of injuries of the penis and scrotum;
  • сorrection of developmental abnormalities of the kidneys, bladder,
  • conducting laparoscopic nephropexy at nephroptosis;
  • reconstructive plastic surgery in hydronephrosis;
  • diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction and male infertility.