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Pain in the cervical area has gone

Pain in the cervical area is gone, I can safely travel by car and sleep well. In fact, I feel like a vital limb activated, the results are pretty. But it's hard to judge what would be a dynamics, as a course of treatment has just begun. Diagnostics are surprisingly accurate. I want to mention the goodwill of doctors. I liked it. I am happy!


Татьяна Горбатенко 


Good clinic

Good clinic!



I could not bent my back, turn the head and legs were numb

During the course of treatment I experienced a lot of feeling: easiness, mood swings. I came with the fear that it might not help since I have been taken a treatement for 15-16 years and nothing helped. I could not bent my back, turn the head and legs were numb. On the 2nd day of treatment at the international clinic "Heart for you" in addition to the positive tactile sensations, there was confidence that the treatment was successful. Headaches were gone and energy has appeared, I stopped to slouch. The main important thing that for the first time in the last 5-7 years I started to sleep on my back, and sleep was deep. Thank you!




Qualified specialists!

Qualified specialists! Gifted hands! Thank you for life without pain!



Numbing of the right hand for 30 years

I applied to Hear4u Clinic as my right hand has been numb for 30 years as a result of trauma. After the first treatment I felt a lightness, numbness has gone.I could not move freely because of spurs in heels, after the second procedure, I got up and went. Amazing doctors. Thank you very much!