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Assaf Harofeh Medical Center


Assaf Haroféh Medical Center is the third largest hospital in the Israeli Public Health System offering a full range of medical services. The Center is located on the territory of cities Rishon Le Tsiyon and Be’er Ya’akov, near the airport Ben Gurion.

Territory of Asaf Harofeh Medical Center is about 60 acres. The hospital has 800 beds [1]. 3,400 physicians, scientists and health professionals, volunteers and administrative employees work at Asaf Harofeh.

Assaf Harofeh Medical Center provides almost all types of medical services, ranging from the treatment of infertility and receive delivery ending with different types of surgery, intensive care, dialysis, treatment of oncological and hematological diseases, rehabilitation and others. Cardiac surgery, spare-part surgery, as well as radiotherapy is not held at the hospital.

Assaf Harofeh Medical Center is closely connected with the Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University and a training and research center as well.