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Professor Jacob Bikels


Place of work
Head of the department for the treatment of metastatic lesion of bones at the Medical Center named after Sourasky (Ichilov), Tel Aviv


  •  Oncologic orthopedics
  •  Orthopedic surgery

Education and specialization:
• Higher medical education, graduated the Medical Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
• Specialization in the field of orthopedic surgery at the Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel
• Training in the field of oncologic orthopedics at the Cancer Institute in Washington, DC
• Training in the diagnostics and treatment of orthopedic pathology at the Institute of Pathology of the Armed forces, Maryland, United States

Hebrew, English

Over 20 years of clinical practice

Clinical and academic experience:
• Professor at the Medical Faculty named after Sackler, Tel Aviv University
• Author of more than 50 articles and publications
• Member of International and Israeli conferences

Membership in Associations:
• Israeli Medical Association
• Israeli Orthopaedic Association
• European Association of Physicians of Musculoskeletal Oncology (EMSOS)
• International Society for limb saving surgery (ISOLS)
• Israeli Association of oncologists and radiotherapists (ISCORT)
• Israeli Medical Association for Palliative Medicine