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Professor Francis Mimouni


Chief physician at Children’s Hospital “Dana” at Medical Centre named after Sourasky, Ichilov


  •  General Paediatrics
  •  Neonatology
  •  Pediatric endocrinology

Education and specialization:

  • Higher medical education, graduated the Medical Faculty of the University of Paris, France

• Training in the field of neonatology and general pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati, USA

Languages: Hebrew, French, English

Experience: Over 30 years of clinical practice

Clinical and academic experience:

• Professor of the Medical Faculty named after Sackler at Tel Aviv University

• Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at New York University, USA

• Author and  participant in clinical trials in pediatrics

• Author of scientific articles and publications

• Speaker and member of the Israeli and international conferences and symposia

Membership in Associations:

• President of the Israeli Neonatal Association

• President of the Israel Pediatric Association