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Professor David Varon


Place of work

Head of the Department of Hematology and blood clotting Medical Center Hadassah Ein Kerem, Jerusalem


  • Hemopexis disorders
  • Non-malignant hematology
  • Hereditary and acquired diseases of the blood

  Education and specialization:

  • Higher medical education, graduated the faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Internship in General Hematology at the Medical Centre named after Kaplan, Rehovot, Israel
  • Research in the field of blood coagulation in the laboratory of Prof. Simon Karpatkin, New York, United States
  • Research in the field of blood coagulation in the Scripps, San Diego, USA


Hebrew, English


Over 30 years of clinical practice

  Clinical and academic experience:

  • Teacher of the Medical Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Author of scientific articles and publications
  • Member of international and Israeli conferences

  Membership in Associations:

  • Founder and President of the Israeli Society for hemopexis problems
  • The American Association of Hematology
  • The Israeli Association of Hematology