Our Clinic

Scheme of service rendering by Heart For You Clinic

1. The first step of communication made by «Heart For You» Clinic is to establish contact with the patient, to obtain his medical records and processing them in online mode. In addition, each patient before arriving at the clinic will be supplied by personal manager who answers all the questions of the patient and responsible for maintaining the patient in Israel.

2. We take all the medical tests and conclusions made by the patient at the place of residence. You upload scanned versions of all medical documents and passport into your “My Account” and then the clinic doctors consider these documents and issue an opinion on treatment regimen, in addition, they may appoint additional checkups and analyzes which may be passed at the place of residence to save your time and money.

3. All repeated consultations with a specialist are free of charge in Heart For You Clinic. That is you go to a specialist and he directs you to the test, analyzes, treatment; then you pass prescribed procedures and return to doctor; in this case you do not pay for a second consultation in contrast to other clinics and medical facilities.

4. If in addition to examinations you pass treatment, you get a year of follow-up after treatment for free. Also, the service “Personal Physician” is provided to you for a year for free, which means that within a year after treatment, you can consult with the Israeli therapist for any health issue.

5. After the examination doctors of the Clinic provide advice and treatment regimen by which you will be able to be treated at the place of residence (in cases where it is possible). At the end of your stay in Israel you will receive a final medical report in Russian language.

6. At the request of patient we organize everything you need to stay in Israel: booking a hotel, airport transfer, and wellness vacation at the Dead Sea, full support, excursions and more.

7. Support – each patient receives the accompanying manager who meets the patient at the airport and during his stay in Israel, visits patient in hotel or apartment where the patient stopped, the manager takes him to a medical examination, testing, treatment, accompanies him and brings back. Accompanying managers speak two languages (Russian and Hebrew) and help you in all that you need, answers to all your questions (taxi, shopping, going to restaurants and food sports, tours, and all issues that may patient have).

8. Heart For You Clinic calculates the total cost of treatment in advance (so far as possible), if something is not included, then representatives of the Clinic will point it out so that the patient could pre-plan his charges on treatment and stay in Israel. When deciding to depart and pass a treatment in Israel, the patient makes a deposit at a rate of $ 250 as a confirmation of his intention to treat. This amount is included in the total amount of payment for services at final calculation. After agreeing on the course of examination and treatment, the patient is given a preliminary estimate, which is payable on arrival in Israel before the start of the course surveys. In the presence of necessity to have additional services, such services is agreed in advance with the patient and provided only on decision of patient. All relations between the clinic and patient are based on medical services contract. If the estimated amount of the full course of examination and treatment exceeds the actual amount spent on treatment, the Clinic guarantees refund the difference.

Payment is made by the following methods:

1. Transfer of funds to a bank card

2. Western Union

3. Transfer of funds to a bank account

4. Cash payment

9. Knowing in advance the date of arrival of the patient we carry out a preliminary entry to medical specialists and for various tests, surveys, so patient could pass examination as soon as possible which saves funds essentially.

10. The Clinic provides unique services as “Private physician” or “24/7″. Following the acquisition of monthly/half-yearly/annual subscription the patient gets access to “My Account” where he can keep all his medical information, documents, analyzes, conclusions, video, x-rays, etc., all the information available to patients anywhere in the world and which is stored in our server. Also, the patient may contact at any time to a personal manager or therapist if he has questions about health. In addition, the service includes 4 consultations of medical specialists (not therapists).

11. We assist you in buying all the necessary medicines prescribed by doctors.

12. You can always ask any question; contact us by email, phone and skype or through our web site and get an answer in the shortest possible time.