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Ophthalmologic examination

  Ophthalmological Checkup


“Eye Diseases” Diagnostic examination. Basic package.

  1. Advice of an Ophthalmologist
  2. Eye test
  3. Eyeground test
  4. Ocular tension test
  5. Final visit to Doctor, reccomendations
  6. Preparation of final medical opinion

Total cost of program: 550 $.

For 85% of patients “Eye diseases” basic program is enough to establish the diagnosis.


 “Eye Diseases” Diagnostic examination. Optional package.

  “Eye Diseases” Diagnostic examination is included in the price.

1.   Consultation and examination of the therapist
2.   Total examination incl. arterial pressure
3.   Blood and urine tests according to prior consultation of the ophthalmologist.
4.   Consult of an ophthalmologist.
5.   Eye test
6.   Eyeground test
7.   Ocular tension test
8.   Additional specialist advice on the recommendation of an ophthalmologist
9.   At the levels of Professor of the Clinic.
10. (payment for each consultation $ 450 -650)
11. Final consultation with the doctor, recommendations
12. Preparation of final medical opinion

Total cost of program: 1150 – 2500 $. (according to additional checks and analyzes)

Fees for translation services and personal forwarding are included.

All consultations at our clinic are free of charge.