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is one of the most science-intensive medical professions, where treatment success depends on both qualification level of surgeon and quality of used equipment. In neurosurgery departments of Israel, integral part of each surgical intervention is usage of surgical microscopes, neuronavigation, intraoperative MRI and intraoperative ultra-sonic testing.

Neurosurgery departments take patients for diagnostics, treatment and further neurological rehabilitation. List of diseases, in which neurosurgery of clinic “Heart For You” is engaged, is very large.

Names of specialists of clinic “Heart For You” in the field of neurosurgery are well known far beyond our country.

Neurosurgery departments:

• Children’s neurosurgery;
• Functional neurosurgery;
• Peripheral nerves recovery division.
• Neurosurgery of spine and spinal Cord.

Priority types of surgical interventions that are carried in the clinic “Heart For You”

  • Microsurgery to remove brain tumors – nonmalignant and malignant ones;
  • Surgical interventions to remove tumors of basis cranii with involvement of experts of allied subjects (oral surgeons, ENT specialists, etc.);
  • Endoscopic surgery of tumors;
  • Transsphenoidal surgery of pituitary tumors;
  • Reconstructive operations of bones of the skull and face after trauma, with usage of modern prosthetic materials.

In addition, neurosurgery department of clinic “Heart For You” deals with carrying out of stereotactic biopsies, surgery meningitis, tumors of sella turcica, acoustic neuromas.

Besides, in neurosurgery department the catheterization of CSF systems for intrathecal administering of chemotherapy drugs, intracranial chemotherapy for patients of all ages, including newborn infants.