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Wolfson Hospital


Hospital named after Edith Wolfson was established with financial altruistic support of Wolfson family. The hospital was named after in honor of generous wife of Sir Isaac Wolfson.
The hospital was opened in 1980 in the municipal area of Holon bordering with the southern part of Tel Aviv.
At the hospital there are 60 departments equipped and operating in accordance with the requirements of modern medicine.

Number of complaints from patients in a year is about 120 000 which determines the hospital named after Edith Wolfson to be at the second place in Israel over the volume of visits. Up to 450 people applies for help to admission department per day.

During the second wave of immigration (1990), tens of thousands of immigrants from the CIS countries settled in Holon. Hundreds of doctors, nurses, specialists of medicine and medical technicians work in a hospital named after Edith Wolfson.

Research and academic activities in the hospital named after Edith Wolfson.
More than 100 physicians teach at the medical school of Tel-Aviv University. Most departments work with various departments of the University.
A huge number of students and teachers from abroad come to the hospital for training and development. Hospital communicates with colleagues from developing countries with the aim of education and help.
Research and scientific work of the attending staff are continuously published in leading international journals.