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Medical tourism

Medical Tourism in Israel tourism

Have You made decision to undergo treatment in Israel?

How to choose a country, clinic, medical specialist? We will do our best to solve these and many other questions.

Israeli medicine is a key to efficiency, accuracy of diagnosis and effectiveness of treatment. Every year advanced technologies and doctors of Israel return the health of thousands of foreign nationals who come here for treatment from all over the world. It is estimated that each year 30 000 patients from abroad come to Israel. Popularity of medical tourism in Israel is a consequence of the high level of Israeli medicine and relatively low prices for medical services compared with other developed countries.

Medical tourism is a comprehensive service which includes a program of examination and treatment abroad, accommodation and support of the patient at the clinic, hotel, solution of everyday problems of the patient, as well as leisure activities in their spare time during stay in Israel.

Innovative health care system in Israel is considered as one of the best in the world due to high professionalism, experience of doctors and modern equipment in hospitals across the country. Reputation of Israeli doctors is based on their vast experience and knowledge gained from comprehensive research in all fields of medicine.

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