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Medical examination


Timely disease intelligence

is a formula for successful treatment, and often patient’s life depends on exact, quick and properly made diagnosis.


Nevertheless, as often as not doctors cannot diagnose disease because of lack of experience or lack of necessary tools and equipment. If health professionals have some difficulties to make correct diagnosis to you or your relatives, or you have desire to undergo fast and high-quality medical examination of the body, then we are waiting for you in Israel. Medicine of Israel has good reputation to the world, and you will be able to see for yourself how far Israeli health professionals have advanced in diagnosis matters. Examination price in Israel in comparison with European hospitals will cost you much less.

Israeli medicine is worthily considered as one of the most developed, and it meets the highest world standards. Clinics cooperates with the largest medical research-and-development centers, they are engaged in both examination and treatment of patients from every corner of the world in Israel, and Israeli doctors are in good standing with  global health community.

Healthcare Service of Israel not only provides excellent medical care of citizens, but also it gives assistance to foreign citizens, wishing to undergo examination or receive treatment in clinics of Israel. Such patients are provided with advertency, accommodation organizing assistance, and rehabilitation undergoing and leisure activities. In Israel, they return health to those, who have received refusal of health professionals at home:

  • they successfully treat female infertility,
  • give assistance to the patients, who suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system to take opinion and expert help of both cardiac surgeons and neurosurgeons,
  • and the ones kill cancer.

Much attention they are paid in the clinics of Israel to comprehensive medical examination: all body systems of patients shall be thoroughly checked and based on obtained data the conclusion about both health status and need of treatment is made.