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Presentation of medication

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We provide patients of Israeli hospitals who are not citizens of our country with simple and safe way to purchase medicines and other pharmaceutical products and cosmetic companies that have received permission from the Ministry of Health of Israel to distribute the product in the territory of the State of Israel.


We help our patients to purchase all the medicines of the best quality prescribed by Doctor, as well as:

  • Delivery of complex medicines to the Hotel in accordance with the treatment assigned by your doctor
  • After treatment and the patient’s returns to the country of residence, we can deliver medication to the patient to his city if necessary

Why should you choose the medication from Israel?


Pharmacological industry of Israel makes a significant contribution to the life and health of people due to the rich academic resources, innovative development and high-tech production of drugs. To meet patient needs the specialists in the chemical industry of Israel work in accordance with the highest international standards of quality control in the manufacture of medicines. Close professional relationship between doctors and pharmacists practicing of Israeli clinics allows Israeli pharmaceutical industry to explore new areas of medical treatment in the search for new products that can improve your quality of life.