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IVF for Male Factor Infertility (IVF-M)

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With an eye to have a happy family

Treatment program: “Augmented extracorporal fertilization (ECF)”, in case of male infertility

The program is very successful, with high probability of pregnancy.


Treatment program for woman:

Gynecological course of treatment includes:

  • Consultation of gynecologist, performing the procedure,
  • Stimulation planning. Stimulation and draw of ovules, spermatic fluid taking and its preparation for the procedure
  • 4-5 or more meetings with gynecological checks, depending on requirements of treatment.
  • Fertilization “in vitro” and monitoring of embryo development, implantation of embryo and blood test to confirm pregnancy.
  • Hormonal training
  • (Drugs can be purchased here or they can be brought along).
  • Laboratory tests are as required (at least three or four).
  • Outpatient observation of the process of ovules development;
  • Ovules draw under both anesthesia and ultrasound investigation in conditions of hospitalization;
  • Preparation of sperm cells;
  • Ovules fertilization
  • Artificial fertilization, extracorporal one (it means insertion of the embryos into alvus).
  • Outpatient observation over pregnancy development;
  • Additional checkups only as required, depending on form of treatment, prescribed by professor. Their price is not included in treatment cost.

  • Total value of one course is 8000 $

In that case, if a man does not have live or functioning sperm cells it is necessary to get them directly.

• The price of sperm cells taking surgically, when blocking of either sperm ducts or corfies, depends on complexity and duration of surgical intervention.
• ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) is a procedure of injection of specially selected sperm cell into ovule.
• ICSI should be performed, when quality or quantity of sperm does not allow carrying out the fertilization procedure in the usual manner.


Program cost:

  • Cost of spermatic fluid taking is about  3500-5000 $

  • ICSI cost is 750 $

Please read carefully


Treatment program: “Augmented extracorporal fertilization (ECF)” in case of male infertility.

This basic program is prepared on the background of the program: “Basal checkup of infertility”

For many couples everything ends with usage of one course, and woman gives birth to a healthy baby.

  1. The main condition for this program start is quality of sperm cells of future child father.
  2. The second condition is the state of women, to become pregnant after hormonal induction. This depends on several factors in the following order:
  • If gynecological check, including Ultra Sonic testing allows pregnancy.
  • In case of doubt, it is sometimes necessary to carry out additional check of the uterus with usage of diagnostic hysteroscopy.
  • If a woman had become pregnant in the past
  • If a woman had given birth in the past
  • The general state of woman
  • Woman age

3. Our clinic saves thousands of your dollars, by means of accepting many checks and almost all analyses are carried out in your home. Moreover, in country of your residence, you can provide yourself with all medications.

4. However such basic checks as hysteroscopy or Ultra Sonic testing you have to carry out only in Israel and only in our clinic or in clinics, which are recognized by us.
The reason is that these checks are decisive ones to arrive at diagnosis and decide what form of treatment should be carried out.

So and in no other way, we can promise the quality of treatment. For this reason, we can promise the treatment success up to 98%.

The program is prepared for those couples, which want to have a family, but they have not succeeded yet. The basic program is prepared on the background of the program: “Basal checkup of infertility” so that after identifying of the problems with the pregnancy, you could quickly and successfully become pregnant.

Our clinic works together with leading laboratories of the former CIS countries, so it is possible to carry out the part of checks according to place of your residence. As can be seen from the above we will be able to provide service of world experts, which is available to any couple.

Anyway, after successful completion of “Basal checkup of infertility” program, our specialists will offer you one of the solutions of infertility problems.

This treatment may be as main support, advisory services and treatment of diseases that are not related to gynecological problems (including lack of hormones or vitamins), through the following programs: “Basal intracoronary fertilization (B-ICF)” program: “Intracoronary fertilization (ICF)” to the program: “Extracorporal fertilization (ECF).”

Without detailed checkup, it is impossible to plan the treatment in advance.

The experience shows that even forty-year old woman can become pregnant with minimal help. Sometimes infertility appears after the first act of delivery, sometimes after the first act of delivery woman’s infertility problem disappears.

Sometimes enough to cure the diseases that have been detected in blood tests or to balance deviations of hormones or vitamins, and the problem will be solved.

This is precisely why it is necessary that you were from the beginning to the end under supervision of experienced excellent expert. Our experts are the chiefs of clinics in major public hospitals, which in our clinic carry out their private practice.

As the result, you can visit professor, a world specialist, which cannot be visited by you in state hospital, and who personally shows concern for you.

Our clients more often than not ask, “Why do I have to be treated in particular in Israel?” “And in our house the same drugs are applied.”

Yes, you are right. Drugs can be bought everywhere.  Only the very few in the world may diagnose the case and carry out correct treatment, depending on laboratory analyses. This is precisely why our clinic can promise such high percentage of success.

Additional checkups (prices only for program of fertilization): 


Checkup Our price
Mammography (You can pass this check according to the place of residence) 300$
Ultra Sonic testing of alvus: 350$
All checks together only for our clients: 500$


Additional checkups for extracorporal fertilization, Mammography and Ultra Sonic testing of alvus – as gift:


Checkup Our price
Gysteroscopy: 1800$
Mammography is as a bonus as part of fertilization program: 0$
Ultra Sonic testing of alvus is as part of fertilization program: 0$



Drugs (Prices in US dollars) by 1.10.2014 – 01.01.2015:

Medication Our price Price in Russia
Puregon pen (Пурегонкартридж900U 485$ 410-420$
Menopur MD(Менопур MD) 1200U 548$ 405-460$
Menopur MЕ(Менопур MЕ) 75U vial 36$ 29 -32$
Gonal F ME (Гонал-Ф) 900 МЕ 440$ 416-440$
Cetrotide amp. (Цетротид amp.) 7 pcs. 395$ 262-295$
Ovitrrelle amp. (Овитрельамп.) 250 mg 72$ 60-70$


We recommend using medications in the cartridges because they flow in gradually and the ones reduce used amount of medication. Ampoules must be thrown away after each usage.



We accept the results of Invitro laboratories that are in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus. We also accept all computer analyzes in this same quality, including also analyzes of Kazakh company Invivo.

We also accept x-ray images, including CT and MRT, but only in digital form on disc. Before making X-ray checkup, it is advisable to ask your personal manager.

Prices of medications remain valid within three months and they depend on US dollar rate and price list of Ministry of Healthcare of Israel. You can bring your pharmaceuticals along with according to preliminary conclusion of the attending Israeli professor.

Gift: Personal account valued as 180$ is free per year. 

ATTENTION! Escorting and translation are included.