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IVF Examination in Israel

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Israel is a world power of infertility treatment

In recent years, Israel has become an empire in field of technologies of fertilization and birth rate; our specialists are among the best in the world.

Israelis are lead ones in the world statistics on infertility treatment, with considerable breakoff. The number of fertilization continues to grow. In Israel there are 24 units of fertilization (extracorporal fertilization) – according to last data it can be given the honorary title: “The largest number in relation to the population size”, but there are not doubts that these are the most involved units all over the world, the generating the most biggest number of pregnancies per capita.

As far as in Israel there are so much methods of fertility treatment, improvement of treatment quality leads to greater and greater results. Gathered experience leads to the fact that Israel is a leader in this field of research activities, development, medications that work toward impregnation and technologies of infertility treatment. This particular concatenation of circumstances is caused by Israeli experts:

  • Who are embryologists in laboratory
  • Who are nurses in departments
  • Who are the doctors that carry out procedures

They are experienced and the best in the world and the ones continue to gain valuable experience all along.

Forms of infertility treatments in Israel:

  •  Hormonal therapy to improve the chances of pregnancy.
  •  Extracorporal fertilization “in vitro fertilization” (ECF), including:

  1. Drugs, hormones that we can call as gonadotropins. To obtain the optimal number of follicles, where ovules mature.
  2. Prey of ovule at the most appropriate time for it.
  3. In the laboratory – the communication of sperm cell and ovule, intended for fertilization, is made.
  4. Monitoring of both fertilization processes and embryos development in vitro.
  5. Embryo transfer into alvus (return of fetuses) within 48-72 hours from the meeting of sperm cell and ovule, when they are in the size of 2-8 cells.

  • Using of anonymously donated sperm cell or ovule. 

Heart For You clinic operates in this field and actively cooperates with lead experts of Israel as for treatment of infertility with usage of prosperous laboratories and hospitals in this area.

The clinic will accompany you during entire process up to desired success!




doctor Questionnaire for infertility Profile is an additional questionnaire to the initial consultation


Number of paassport

No of children:

Current partner

Previous partner

General health status:


Chronic diseases:
Female:  Yes No
Male:  Yes No

Chronic Drugs intake:
Female:  Yes No
Male:  Yes No

If yes which

Drug allergy:
Female:  Yes No
Male:  Yes No

If yes specify, please

Previous operation:
Female:  Yes No
Male:  Yes No

If yes specify, please


Previous pregnancies:
Spermiogram result:
Normal deliveries:

Problems with sperm:  Yes No
Cesarean sections:
If yes specify, please
Induced abortions:


Current infertility problem:

Ovulation problem:  Yes No

If yes specify, please:

Mechanical problem (blocked tubes, adhesions):


Tests for mechanical problem:

Hysterosalpingogram:  Yes No

If yes, when and what results:

Hysteroscopy:  Yes No

If yes, when and what results:

Laparoscopy:  Yes No

If yes, when and what results:


Previous infertility treatments:

Hormones:  Yes No

Insemination:  Yes No

IVF:  Yes No