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Infertility Check up


With an eye to have a happy family

Diagnostic examination “Basal examination of infertility”

The program is prepared for those couples, which want to have a family, but they have not| succeeded yet. The basic program is prepared so that to quickly identify the cause of pregnancy problems and solve it. Our clinic works together with leading laboratories of the former CIS countries, so it is possible to carry out the part of checks according to place of your residence. As can be seen from the above we will be able to provide service of world experts, which is available to any couple.

For these reasons, we recommend filling in questionnaire for a pair and undertaking few primary procedures and analyzes according to place of your residence.

  1. The following examinations and analysis are recommended to be held at you place of residence:

a)      To fill the questionnaire for pregnant

b)      Laboratory analysis for both partners:

  • Coagulogram (№1 АЧТВ. APTT), (№2 Prothrombin, МНО)
  • №5 Complete blood count,
  • №93 Blood group and №94 Rh factor,
  • №68 HIV antibody,
  • №70 (TP EIA) or №69 Rapid Plasma Reagin – rapid plasma reagin.
  • №73 HBsAg –Hepatitis B,
  • №79 Anti-HCV- Hepatitis C,

c)       Laboratory analysis for woman (in CIS countries laboratory Invitro or Invivo):

  • №56 Thyrotrophin (ТТГ, TSH),
  • №73 Biochemistry of blood: expanded profile
  • №80 and №81 Antibodies of IgG and IgM class to Toxoplasma gondii
  • №82 and №83 (Antibodies of IgG and IgM cytomegalovirus, ЦМВ, CMV),
  • №84 Antibodies of IgG class to epidemic roseola virus,
  • №928 Vitamin D

To the third day of periods:

  • №59 Follicle-stimulating hormone (ФСГ, FSH)
  • №60 Luteinizing hormone (ЛГ, LH)
  • №61 Prolactin (Prolactin),
  • №62 Estradiol (E2, Estradiol),
  • №63 Progesterone (Progesterone)

d)      Analysis for men:

  • №599 Spermogram
  1. Additional examinations for woman
  • Mammography 
  1. The following examinations and analysis shall be passed in Israel:

a)      Laboratory analysis for woman:

  • Additional laboratory analysis if necessary (in case if patient had passed all analyses in CIS countries correctly)
  • World expert checking for IVF head of clinic for women
  • Gynecological Ultrasonic examination aimed for fertility checking
  • Checking of ПАП

b)      Man fertility checking:

  • Spermogramm


Numbers match with Invitro laboratory standard, located in Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia, but we accept all computer analysis in the same quality. Also analysis of Kazakhstani company Invivo.
  • In case of necessity of one of the partner’sadditional analysis, we will send you the list of such analysis
  • In case of additional analysis necessity, examinations and consultations with expert doctor in Israel- it will be at extra cost and we will inform you in advance.
Gift: My account priced at 80 $ USD per month is free for three months.

Total value of the program: 1050 $


ATTENTION! Accompanying and interpretation are included.

Possible additional examinations in case of treatment (prices only for fertilization program):


Examination  Our price
Mammography – independently (May be passed at place of residence) 300$


Examination  Our price
Ultrasonic examination of abdomen: 350$
Hysteroscopy: 1800$
Mammography for bonus as a part of fertilization program: 0$  

All examinations together only for our clients: 2000$
doctor Questionnaire for infertility Profile is an additional questionnaire to the initial consultation


Number of paassport

No of children:

Current partner

Previous partner

General health status:


Chronic diseases:
Female:  Yes No
Male:  Yes No

Chronic Drugs intake:
Female:  Yes No
Male:  Yes No

If yes which

Drug allergy:
Female:  Yes No
Male:  Yes No

If yes specify, please

Previous operation:
Female:  Yes No
Male:  Yes No

If yes specify, please


Previous pregnancies:
Spermiogram result:
Normal deliveries:

Problems with sperm:  Yes No
Cesarean sections:
If yes specify, please
Induced abortions:


Current infertility problem:

Ovulation problem:  Yes No

If yes specify, please:

Mechanical problem (blocked tubes, adhesions):


Tests for mechanical problem:

Hysterosalpingogram:  Yes No

If yes, when and what results:

Hysteroscopy:  Yes No

If yes, when and what results:

Laparoscopy:  Yes No

If yes, when and what results:


Previous infertility treatments:

Hormones:  Yes No

Insemination:  Yes No

IVF:  Yes No