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Herzliya Medical Center


Herzliya Medical Center (Medical Center Herzliya) is one of the leading private medical centers in Israel and provides medical services at the highest level. Clinical base is located in a cognominal city on the beautiful shores of the Mediterranean Sea and it is a full-fledged modern medical facility of the highest level of accreditation. The clinic was founded over 30 years ago and is the first private hospital in Israel.

All patients planning to be treated at the medical center “Herzliya” will pass a clinical examination in the diagnostic center of the Clinic which presents the latest and advanced equipment and full range of all necessary studies and laboratory tests will be performed quickly and efficiently. Medical staff consisted of more than 500 of highly specialized physicians, most of whom are Heads of departments and leading specialists in public hospitals and teachers of Medical Faculties.

To date the clinic includes more than 120 branches and offices. More than 5,000 cardiac surgeries and more than 20,000 cardiac catheterizations were held at the Clinic. Patients are offered to choose from four inpatient units  equipped with the upper class both medical equipment  contributing to the efficient recovery of the patient and furniture and household appliances  making stay at the hospital as comfortable as possible.

All areas of modern medicine are provided the clinic, including allergology, pediatric ward, hematology unit, cytogenetics, and many others. Possibility to transport patients by air is organized at the highest level: the clinic plane is equipped in accordance with the strictest requirements of aviation medicine and flight can be arranged at any time.

Most optimal conditions of treatment and rehabilitation of patients from around the world are created at the Clinic, as the hospital administration has invested in equipping of the most modern equipment, as well as the quality and comfort of units for stay of patients. Clinic puts patients in single and double rooms; there is also the Unit of “Luxury” Class. In each unit patient is monitored by specially trained personnel, all the requirements of patients are executed immediately.

Especially for foreign patients there is created a Department of Medical Tourism  which aims to ensure the highest quality of service, as well as consular support and  transportation of patients to the clinic.