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Gynecology in Israel - many medical centers, school of sciences, new techniques


Great importance is devoted to women’s health in Israel; this issue is among state priorities.

Today, Israeli gynecologists are among the best specialists in the world, which are engaged in treatment of female infertility.

Israeli technologies of extracorporal fertilization are among the most productive ones in the world and they are the most frequently applied – 3400 ECF per 1 mln. population of the country.

Innovative methods of minimally invasive, organ-saving surgery of organ were developed namely in gynecology.

A special place in Israel  researches and best practices in the field of gynecologic oncology are occupy, Israeli oncologists have impressive advances in the field of treatment of female reproductive system cancer. If malignant tumor is diagnosed in women at initiatory stages, it is possible to achieve a full recovery in 95% of cases. New methods of treatment of precancerous conditions such as dysplasia of the uterus were developed.

Much attention is paid to the vaccination of women from dangerous strains of human papilloma virus. According to Ministry of Health of Israel information,  vaccines against human papilloma virus can prevent the main part of 200 cases of vesicle cervix cancer that are identified annually in the country, and about 100 cases of fatal case as a result of disease.

From 2013-2014 academic year, vaccines against human papilloma virus is included in the list of regular vaccinations in Israel.

Israeli Healthcare Service system foresees monitoring of girls since birth that offers the possibility to identify diseases at early stage and to treat them in time. Children gynecology – is a priority sector of Israeli medicine, and annually considerable funds are allocated for its development. With coming of childbearing age, obligate medical preventive examinations for women are carried out, they allow to begin treatment in due time.

Thanks to all-round support of the state, the gynecologists of Israel have achieved a significant increase of quality of life of Israeli women and gained invaluable experience in treatment of gynecological diseases.