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Genetics in Israel:


Accuracy and reliability of researches

Hereditary diseases – is important research area of medical genetics. For this kind of researches, supermodern diagnostic methods and perfect training of experts, as well as significant medical practice and support at the state level are needed. Genetics in Israel, as a branch of medicine, meets all these requirements. The special role it plays in gynecology and pediatry. Researches in medical centers of Israel of congenital abnormalities in children, and then their treatment differ significantly from similar services abroad for the better.

Annually thousands of pregnant women and parents with children, who are in need of accurate diagnosis, arrive to Israel. Often data for study is sent from foreign clinics to get the most accurate genetic analysis. Terms of diagnostics have paramount importance: in Israel, they usually do not exceed one week, and more often than not doctors do this work in 2-3 days.

Genetic studies in perinatal diagnostics in clinic “Heart For You”

Possibilities meaning of genetic researches in clinic “Heart For You” it is difficult to overestimate. Thanks to excellent equipment of laboratories, developments of Israeli scientists and health professionals, diagnostics of congenital abnormalities are among the most accurate ones in the world. Clinic “Heart For You” is visited by mums-to-be from many countries, in order to be examined for identification of possible violations. Namely in the last weeks before delivery it is possible to recognize all nuances of health of future child. The studies are carried out by blood test, ultrasound scanning, chorion biopsy, etc. Together all of these methods determine either presence or absence of genetic abnormalities of fetus.

The clinic “Heart For You” provides, as only private clinic of the world, with genetic examination, recognized by the Israeli state for the residents of the former USSR.

Clinical genetics in clinic “Heart For You”:

Clinical genetics in clinic “Heart For You” deals with problems of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of children, received by them hereditarily. With the aid of clinical genetics methods, doctors identify the causes of such diseases as autism, microplasia. Down’s disease, epilepsy, various functional pathologies. After studying of causes of diseases, the doctors plan effective therapeutic regimens of little patients.
In Israel, based on genetic studies, new drugs that can normalize the functioning of various systems of the body at cellular level are developed. Unique therapeutic methods of doctors of clinic “Heart For You” have gained real prominence among patients, so a huge number of patients come to undergo the treatment with the best local experts.