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Genetic tests for infertility

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Genetic tests for infertility

Tests to identify the genetic causes of fertility problems

Men who suffer from infertility, can make the following checks:

1.Proverka blood karyotype

2.Proverka the presence of abnormalities in the gene AZF, which is responsible for the creation of a seed.

3.Proverka mutation in the gene CFTR, responsible for congenital absence of the channel of the sperm.

Women suffering from problems with conception or early menopause, can hold checks:

1.Proverka blood karyotype.

2.Gen testing. Diagnosis premutation carriers of fragile X syndrome, chromosome (fragile X chromosome), premutation, primary ovarian failure, the study of polymorphism in the gene CGG repeat FMR1.

Tests to identify the genetic causes of repeat abortions

Information for couples who have had several miscarriages repeated for uncertain reasons.

In this case, both spouses can make a karyotype blood test (test number and structure of chromosomes).

You can also spend a hypercoagulable refinement of a general nature.

In all cases of infertility or repeated miscarriages for unknown reasons, the couple must undergo genetic counseling.

Genetic counseling and testing is appropriate.

Additional information can be obtained in the framework of genetic counseling.