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Meir Hospital


Meir Hospital
considered to be one of the best hospitals in Israel. The hospital was founded in 1956, and each year increased the level of provision of health services, and has been repeatedly recognized the best clinics in Israel. On the basis of the clinic served the Israeli Olympic team and many other sports organizations. To date, the hospital Meir taken more than 700 hospital beds, 50 beds in the day hospital, 60 beds for newborns. The clinic provided more than 2,300 highly qualified specialists, every year it is held over 18,000 operations. The clinic is constantly collaborating with medical universities of Israel, and the majority of doctors were trained in the United States and Europe.

Hospital “Meir” has been certified by JCI, which receive only medical institution that successfully practice treated patients from all over the world, there are international. In its development, clinic, gradually expanding, has reached the level of a medical campus, to date, bringing together more than one hundred branches and subsidiaries, and also has its own laboratory complex, which is supported by the Medical University of Bar-Ilan University, and many other support offices. World renown earned clinic in vitro fertilization (IVF), Meir Hospital, on the basis of which the possibility of pregnancy have received hundreds of thousands of women from around the world.

One of the many specialties of hospital “Meir” is urology. On the basis of urological clinics are held most complex urological surgery, removal of birth defects in the development of the urogenital system, as well as recovery operations after a variety of injuries and pathological processes. Also, the clinic conducted an operation to remove kidney stones, treatment of urological tumors character and much more. The clinic is actively developing minimally invasive surgery, allowing patients to receive excellent results of treatment without complications.

Hospital “Meir” is the main base the country’s only Institute of Pulmonology, where patients receive the pulmonary profile modern and high-quality treatment. Institute of Pulmonology today has 32 beds and 8 beds available for patients who need a respirator, and round the clock monitoring. In the treatment of cancer patients, the Institute Hospital “Meir” actively collaborates with hospitals and oncology institute radioisotope medicine.

The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology many years successfully conducted recovery operations after fracture joint and bone machine, and rheumatological disease character. Also, the clinic performed correction of congenital bone malformations and correction.

Many patients who can not get expert help at home, or have doubts about the quality of services provided, have to resort to treatment abroad. In solving this problem it is best to help patients Meir Hospital and affiliated to her clinic with vast experience in providing care to patients from around the world, Meir was the clinic, which entrust their health and that of their loved ones, and this is the best response to the hospital with a worldwide reputation.