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Medical examination


It is known that high-quality diagnosis is the key to the success of the treatment. Timely and accurate diagnosis will not only help make the correct diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment, it often saves lives. Early detection of the disease increases the likelihood of successful treatment. Israeli medical centers are equipped with the latest equipment, allowing for the following examinations:


  •   CT – computed tomography (English. CT)
  • PET / CT – Positron emission tomography (English. PET / CT)
  • MRI – magnetic resonance imaging (English. MRT, MRI)
  • MSCT of the heart – a multi-layer computer tomography of the heart (English. 64slicecardiacCT)

In the list of high-tech research also found:

  • All types of ultrasound diagnosis 
  • Isotope scanning internal organs 
  • Endoscopic examination 
  • Endovascular survey 

The speed of the process and results

We can organize the survey very quickly, and within a day or two you can get the results on the preparation of which under normal conditions may take several weeks or months.

Individual services
Different people need different types of diagnosis, depending on the age, sex and medical history. Our experts will make your individual diagnostic program.

Ease of planning
You do not have to spend time on the numerous meetings with doctors, trying to determine exactly what kind of tests you need, and spending time in countless queues and telephone conversations. We will make you a clear program of diagnosis and arrange delivery. We accompany you from test to test, helping in dealing with the medical staff and carefully controlling the process. We will explain to you the purpose of each procedure and consider the preliminary results.