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Dermatology Check up

  Diagnostic checkup "Skin Diseases", basic package. 1. Consultation and examination of the therapist 2. General examination including measurement of blood pressure 3. Blood and urine tests for pre-consult of...

Allergy and Immunity

Diagnostics and treatment of allergy Allergic disorder is widely distributed. According to statistic about 10% of people in the world have this disease. Allergy is a reaction of immune system on irritator influence, i.e....


Neurology in Israel In the past decade, the neurology in Israel has become one of the fastest growing branches of medicine. Doctors, specializing in the field of neurology, study the diseases of central and peripheral...


Many believe that the diseases of the skin - a cosmetic defect that does not affect the overall health. Let's just say that the skin - the card of the body that reflects the state of various organs - the nervous, digestive...


Gynecology in Israel - many medical centers, school of sciences, new techniques Great importance is devoted to women's health in Israel; this issue is among state priorities. Today, Israeli gynecologists are among the...


Genetics in Israel: Accuracy and reliability of researches Hereditary diseases - is important research area of medical genetics. For this kind of researches, supermodern diagnostic methods and perfect training of...

Genetic tests for infertility

Couple in living room with baby smiling
Genetic tests for infertility Tests to identify the genetic causes of fertility problems Men who suffer from infertility, can make the following checks: 1.Proverka blood karyotype 2.Proverka the presence of...


Pediatrics - the most important and highly developed area of Israeli medicine, covering all aspects of the treatment of children from birth to 18 years. Pediatric surgery, pediatric orthopedics, neurosurgery, urology,...