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My account

2014-11-25 07-15-52 Личный Кабинет   Heart For You - Google Chrome
Program is designed for all people who are interested in their health and who want to keep in order all medical records. You get 5 gigabytes of storage space for your medical information. "My Account" is divided into...

Dead Sea Recreation

мертвое море
Israel is an incomparable and unique state which can be proud of its wonders. One of these wonders is Dead Sea Desert which is located in the southern part of Israel. Dead Sea in Israel is a favorite recreation area of...

Presentation of medication

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We provide patients of Israeli hospitals who are not citizens of our country with simple and safe way to purchase medicines and other pharmaceutical products and cosmetic companies that have received permission from the...

Excursions of Israel

Wide choice of one-day excursions of Israel (group and private). More than 37 excursions: Excursions of Israel: 1.Jerusalem - City of three religions 2.Jerusalem - Christian 3.Whole...

VIP support

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VIP support - each patient receives a supporter who meets the patient at the airport and during his stay in Israel visits patient at the hotel or apartment, takes him to the medical examination, test, treatment,...

Accommodation in Israel

It is very hard to understand what to choose according to pictures from a large number of hotels, inns and apartments offered for tourists in Israel. And most important - it is difficult to choose the city for stay at the...

Health-improving rest

Israel is one of the most attractive countries for tourism in general and medical tourism in particular. Despite the relative newness of this tourist destination, Israel is rapidly gaining momentum and it is in the top...