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Manager Check up

Diagnostic checkup "Manager" 1. Medical consultation 2. General examination including measurement of blood pressure 3. Blood and urine tests 4. Lung's image 5. ECG 6. Spirometry 7. Ergometry 8. Check for...

Towards Fifty years and After Fifty years

Diagnostic Checkups «Towards 50» and «After 50»  «Towards 50» Program 1. History and medical examination physician or cardiologist 2. Blood and urine tests 3. Lung image 4. ECG 5. Spirometry 6....

Basic Check up

Diagnostic examination "Basic" includes: Medical consultation  General examination, including measurement of blood pressure  Checking the amount of oxygen in the blood  Blood and urine...

Check up Gastroenterology

 «Gastro» program History and medical examination therapist or cardiologist Full blood count Ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis (fasting) Colonoscopy = check for colon cancer (held the day after the...