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Genetics in Israel: Accuracy and reliability of researches Hereditary diseases - is important research area of medical genetics. For this kind of researches, supermodern diagnostic methods and perfect training of...

Pregnancy – Fetal Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic Tests Amniocentesis (amniotic fluid analysis) Amniocentesis is a diagnostic test of the child for hereditary diseases, malformations and chromosomal abnormalities. During amniocentesis doctor takes a small...

Downův syndrom

Down's syndrome - a rare genetic disorder characterized by physical and mental developmental delays, often does not depend on heredity. In most cases, you can identify Down syndrome without resorting to special analysis, as...

Genetic tests for infertility

Couple in living room with baby smiling
Genetic tests for infertility Tests to identify the genetic causes of fertility problems Men who suffer from infertility, can make the following checks: 1.Proverka blood karyotype 2.Proverka the presence of...

Genetic Screening

Genetic Screening In any country is not given as much attention to the protection of motherhood and childhood, as in Israel, so one of the priority areas of medicine in Israel is a medical genetics. The main reason for the...