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Allergy and Immunity


Diagnostics and treatment of allergy


Allergic disorder is widely distributed. According to statistic about 10% of people in the world have this disease. Allergy is a reaction of immune system on irritator influence, i.e. one or another disease symptoms show problems with immunity. For recent years, a growth of immunologic nature disease cases had been noted. It causes development of immunology and new treatment method occurring.

The disease may be caused by different factors: nutrition, drugs, decorative cosmetics, dust, animal products, household chemistry means and etc. Allergens pass into the organism through skin, mucous membrane of respiratory channels, digestion tract. The following clinical variants of allergic reactions are noted: respiratory allergy, allergic dermatosis, respiratory channels allergy, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rush, anaphylactic shock.

The main factor caused the disease occurrence- genetic, related to increased synthesis of immunoglobulin of E class. Such feature of the organism is called atopy; correspondingly genetic allergic diseases are called atopic. This disease is inveterate in most cases. In addition, there are opinions the stress, ecology, nutrition disturbance can cause weakening of protective characteristics.


The problem of an allergy treatment in Israel, as well as other diseases, related to immunity is that a doctor can’t determine an allergen-irritator for a long time. Correspondingly, it is more difficult to appoint a necessary therapy on time. The most advanced medical technologies, allowing making full range of diagnostic researches are used in treatment:

  • Skin tests;
  • Biochemical blood analysis and analysis for immunoglobulin;
  • Spirography;
  • Tests with methacholine (bronchus-provocative);
  • Nose and upper aspiratory tracts endoscopy (mucosal biopsy is possible);
  • Chest X-ray;
  • Computer tomography of lungs and sinuses;

When allergy treatment in Israel the diagnostic researches for each patient determined individually.

Individual treatment strategies are worked out on the basis of accurate diagnostic data, as well as a medicated course, elimination therapy, allergy shots are prescribed and recommendation for nutrition and living are provided etc.

Allergy Treatment

Immunologist-allergologist in Israeli clinics successfully provide treatment of allergic rhinitis, dermatitis, primary immunodeficiency, food allergy, insect-bite allergy, asthma, sinusitis, latex allergy, autoimmune abnormalities, sun allergy and other allergic problems.

Children immunology units of the Israeli clinics provide a possibility of disease prevention carrying out during pregnancy period, they determine secondary immunodeficiency, develop immunologic treatment, give recommendations for elimination of potential allergens from child’s surroundings, and select immunomodulators.

Such advanced technologies as extracorporal blood purification, promoting fast organism’s cleaning are used in treatment.

Intensive care units in immunologic centers of allergy treatment in Israel are worth noticing. Due to centers’ state financing volume, the operation time of the newest medical equipment doesn’t exceed 3-4 years.
Dead Sea due to own unique characteristics assists in immunologic nature diseases’ care and recommended in complex treatment.

Allergy and immune system diseases treatment in Israel are executed in accordance with the world standards and care schemes. Treatment efficiency coefficient-one of the highest in the world.

Clinic for allergy treatment in Israel have the most advanced medical equipment, high class medical experts. Such treatment price in Israel is lower than in European and American countries.

 You can ask our experts by specified telephone numbers, e-mail or by sending a request for treatment concerning points of interest about allergy treatment in Israel.