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Prof. Uri Kramer


Professor Uri Kramer

Professor Uri Kramer – a pediatrician, one of Israel’s leading experts in the treatment of epilepsy of children. Head of Department for the treatment of children epilepsy at Ichilov Hospital.

Education, specialization:
• Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University – specialty – pediatric neurology
• Children’s Epilepsy Unit at the Children’s Hospital in Boston (USA), an internship
• Kaplan Hospital, Rehovot, Israel – Residency in Pediatrics

Clinical experience:
• Head of Department of treatment of children’s epilepsy at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv

Membership in Professional Societies:
• The Israeli Association for treatment of epilepsy

Professor Uri Kramer is teaching at the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University (lectures to pediatric neurology). He is the developer of unique medical bracelet to prevent attacks of epilepsy of children and adults.