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Happy pregnancy – Basic program

Medical and diagnostic care «Happy pregnancy. Basic»


Program is built for monitoring and management of pregnancy. Attendance will be carried out by Israeli experts of world-class in management of pregnancy. Monitoring is carried out on-line in the form of a conversation by Skype, correspondences and chat.

Program includes:

1. Consultation with a specialist.
2. Guidance of online monitoring system, assistance when registration and filling “My Account”
3. Admission of pregnant for observation at the clinic.
4. Laboratory tests. (1)
5. Instructions for filling personal table of blood pressure and sugar indicators of the pregnant.
6. Assistance in downloading ECG results of pregnant into own documents.
7. Assistance in downloading images of monitoring of the fetus of a pregnant.
8. Preparation of admission conclusion.
9. Consultation on medications. In case of need, the doctor advises what medicines could be taken and what could not.
10. Consultation with doctor if pregnant feels unwell or she has any questions. (2)
11. Appointment of additional tests or examinations.
12. Appointment of treatment if necessary.
13. Temporary conclusion after every three months of treatment.
14. Final consultation with the doctor, recommendations at the end of treatment.
15. Preparation of final medical opinion
• (1) Laboratory checks of pregnant as required. Not less than once per month and at the beginning and end of the attendance.
• (2) Consultation with doctor at the needs of the pregnant. Not less than once every three days.

Bonus: Free «My account» for 1 year.

Total cost of program: 750 $ for first three months.

ATTENTION! We take responsibility for safety of Your personal data.